Verilon is a large kingdom sprawling across the north, sub-arctic region of Timandra, the sunlit half of Moth.

Most of Verilon is heavily forested with evergreens. Its wildlife includes hawks, wolves, and many bears, the latter animal appearing on its crest.

One of Timandra's largest kingdoms, Verilon shares borders with Daenor, Mageria, and Arden. Along with the latter two, Verilon is a remnant of the fallen Riyonan Empire. Verilon shares a complicated history with Arden, its southern neighbor, against whom it has fought a series of wars.

Verilon's two common faiths are Idarism (mostly practiced in the capital of Orewood) and the older worship of Gashdov, a bear-god of the forests.

Verilon's people are known for their towering, heavyset frames (men commonly reaching seven feet tall) and wide, ruddy faces. They tend to have brown hair and brown eyes, and men sport long, bushy beards. Verilon's people almost exclusively wear fur garments, mostly bear pelts. Warriors in Verilon's army wear cast iron breastplates, wield heavy war hammers, and ride bears into battle. Renowned for their strength, Verilon's women take an active role in all aspects of society, even serving in the military.

Verilon's capital is Orewood, a massive city surrounded by tall brick walls. It's home to many log homes, domed temples, and fortresses. Orewood is also home to Garoshahall, Verilon's royal palace, which is among the largest structures in the world of Moth, rivaling Qaelin's Eternal Palace.