Teel is an ancient university located in Teelshire, Mageria, Timandra. It is renowned for training mages--users of magic.


Teel is home to five main faculties, training five types of mages distinguished by their robe colors:

Basic Principles (White Robes): Concerned with magical theory and philosphy.

Offensive Magic (Black Robes): Concerned with the use of magic in warfare, including assault on physical bodies and defensive structures.

Artifacts (Silver Robes): Concerned with studying and creating magical artifacts.

Healing (Red Robes): Concerned with magically healing wounds and illness.

Magical History (Blue Robes): Concenred with studying the great mages and magical discoveries of the past.


Teel contains various buildings including:

The Cloister: A great courtyard surrounded on four sides by columned galleries. The courtyard is used for assemblies, while the galleries contain bedchambers for Teel's students.

Ostirina Tower: A tower in the northwest corner of the cloister. It is used for admission trials and contains the Healing faculty.

Agrotis Tower: A tower in the northeast corner of the cloister. Contains the Offensive Magic faculty.

Cosmia Tower: A tower in the southeast corner of the cloister. Contains the faculty of Basic Principles as well as the headmistress's chambers.

Erannis Tower: A tower in the southwest corner of the cloister. Contains the Artifacts faculty and the vaults of Teel.

The Library: A great, domed structure--the largest library in Timandra.

Magical History: A small, old building in the north of Teel containing the Magical History faculty.


All forms of magic--be the magic used for healing, assault, artifacts, or any other purpose--derives from three magical principles:

  • Choosing the material -- Selecting the proper matter to manipulate, e.g. the surround air to levitate an object.
  • Claiming the material -- The leap in awareness leading to full comprehension and ownership of the matter.
  • Changing the material -- The manipulation of the matter down to its particle level.

For example, to levitate an object, a mage would choose the air around the object, claim the air (by fully understanding and owning its composition), and finally changing the air (manipulating its pressure to raise the object).