Radianism is a fascist ideology associated with The Radian Order, a movement founded by Lord Tirus Serin in the land of Mageria. Radianism espouses hatred of Elorians and a pan-Timandrian union under its banners. The ultimate goal of Radianism is to unite all Timandrians under its rule and exterminate all Elorians. Unlike the similar Sailith Order, Radianism isn't normally described as a religion but rather as a political movement.

Radianism was first created by Tirus Serin in Sunmotte, a citadel in Mageria. It later spread across the rest of Mageria and into neighboring kingdoms in Timandra. It found a stronghold in Teel University and many other educational institutions across Timandra.

Radianism's sigil shows a golden sun eclipsing a silver moon, symbolizing the dominion of Timandra over Eloria.