The Inaro is the longest and widest river in the world of Moth.

The Inaro is, in fact, part of a larger river system, tracing its origin to Teekat Mountains in North Timandra. However, the word "Inaro" generally refers to the section of the river in Eloria; west of the dusk, the river is known as the Sern.

The Inaro flows from the village of Oshy, south of Pahmey, and through the plains of Qaelin, finally spilling into the sea at the city of Sinyong. In some sections, it flows a mile wide. Because of its importance to Qaelin, it has been featured in many tales, poems, and plays. It has also seen several large naval battles. It is sometimes known as the "Left Vein of Qaelin", a sister to the eastern Yin river.