Ferius (born 978, Timandrian calender) is a monk from Fairwool-by-Night and one of the primary antagonists of The Moth Saga.

An adherent of the Sailith Order, Ferius is short, squat, and powerful, a bulldog of a man. He has a broad, protruding brow, a weak chin, and beady eyes. His thinning black hair is slicked back. Sharp of teeth, he's wont to hiss and lick his chops like a snake about to strike. He wears the yellow robes of his order and carries a flanged mace.

Ferius loathes the Elorians, whom he blames for all evil in Timandra, from failed crops to stillborn babes. A demagogue, he preaches against the night in his temple, often inciting violence against Eloria -- violence which Torin, a fellow villager, tries to stop. Ferius despises Torin, whom he sees as his primary enemy in Fairwool-by-Night.